School Rules

  1. The working day commences at 8 A.M. with the Assembly in which all pupils must be present.
  2. Every pupil must wish the staff as she/he meet them first time in the day.
  3. When a teacher or guest enters or leaves the classroom, the pupil must rise and salute respectfully, in the prescribed manner.
  4. Pupils are not allowed to leave by classroom without permission of the teacher or till the recess begins or the School is over.
  5. Bags, books and water bottles should have tag bearing the name of the pupil.
  6. During the recess the pupils will play only in the School premises.
    Students will not be allowed to leave the School premises during School hours except on medical grounds or under some extraordinary circumstances in any case with the permission of the Proctor.
  7. Students will come in clean uniform and will keep the School neat and tidy. Personal cleanliness and hygiene is an important feature.
  8. Irregular attendance creates a bad impression on the pupil’s life. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards are regular in attendance.
  9. Parents and Guardians are expected to show keen interest in their children’s academic progress and should help the School in maintaining discipline and a good moral environment.
  10. Parents and Guardians can meet the class teachers only with the Proctor’s permission and with prior appointment.
  11. A pupil who has been suffering from any infectious disease must produce a certificate from competent authority that he/she may attend School without risk of conveying infection.


Only those pupils who have paid all School fees including fee up to June are permitted to appear for the final examinations.

Admission and Withdrawal of Pupils

  1. The Principal reserves to herself the right to refuse admission to any boy or girl without furnishing any reasons.
  2. For withdrawal of a pupil from the School, a calendar quarter’s notice must be given in writing, otherwise a calendar quarter’s fee will be charged.